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Play in my Boots

Play in my Boots is a mental health resource for players, coaches, clubs and communities.

As Ireland’s largest sporting and community organisation the GAA has always played a role in promoting
health and wellbeing amongst its members and players.

By their very nature GAA clubs are health promoting units offering excellent opportunities for physical
exercise, social interaction, community engagement, as well as a safe environment for recreational activities,
intergenerational connections, and life skill development. Your local GAA club, its officers, volunteers, and
your team mates also provide a valuable support system to help members and communities overcome
challenges they may face from time to time.

While all this happens organically in our clubs, the Association has put in place dedicated structures to drive
and support this health agenda at national level through the GAA Community & Health Section in Croke Park
and the newly formed National Health & Wellbeing Committee, and at county level through the new Health
& Wellbeing Committees. Clubs are also being asked to appoint a Health & Wellbeing Officer (replacing the
previous role of the ASAP Officer).

The GAA’s strength remains our ability to reach into every parish on the island of Ireland and our work in the
area of health and wellbeing will be largely dependent on appropriate partnerships with organisations that
have the requisite expertise, knowledge, and resources. That is why we have chosen to work with St. Patrick’s
Mental Health Services in the creation of this resource and we hope you find it both useful and informative.
The GAA very much supports the mantra of ‘healthy bodies, healthy minds’ and we wish all our members
every success and enjoyment in maintaining their mental fitness